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A2 ICT Revision

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Use this page to help you revise for your A2 examinations.

Think about the best way to revise for your exam. Look through all the work we've done this year, but focus on past-papers.

Good luck! The very best of luck in your exam - but you must put the effort in and revise in depth to pass this exam.

For your final revision, focus on:
  • .pdf downloadWhat do you need to know? Use this excellent detailed checklist from Kesgrave High School, explaining every aspect that you need to cover for ICT4.

  • .pdf downloadRevision document - based on the key notes, use this revision document to help you prepare and revise for the exam. As we've said - these notes are about 1/3 of what you need to get the marks!

  • Past Papers - download the papers below and complete them. Look at the mark scheme to support your revision. Set yourself exam tasks using these papers.
    • How many questions can you answer?
    • Which areas do you get stuck in?
    • Where do you need to work harder to earn all the marks?

  • Interactive Practice Paper - I've created these to give you exam style questions where you can type your answer and then compare it to what the exam board is looking for.

  • Revision games and quizzes - don't just use these, it isn't enough to learn key facts. However, used in combination with past papers, these are a great way to help you revise your core ICT knowledge.

  • Useful revision links - use these to find more detailed revision support. If you are stuck with a specific question, you can find the answer - or just contact me via this site!
Past Papers

Examination papers
Mark schemes - written for examiners, so you need to look carefully. However, they show what the exam board is looking for in each answer. Ask me if you need any further explanation.
A2 ICT bookDon't forget all the questions available in your textbook. As you've been extensively reminded, each chapter includes explained example questions together with lots of useful past-paper questions.

Look through all your work and revision materials to test yourself. Remember all the work we've done on
PEE-ing your answer. Make your Point, Explain it and provide Evidence with a real-world example. You have to earn every mark!

Try the Practice Paper exercise below and use the model answers to improve your own!
Practice Paper exercise

Practice Paper
Practice Paper for ICT4

Setup your own practice exam paper - an excellent way to revise and prepare for your exam.
Revision games and quizzes

» General games / quizzes
  • As you play this quiz, create your own list of the terms that you don't know.
  • Write the term together with the explanation. This will help you in the exam.
Remember to use these games effectively - see which topics you are unsure of and then revise them further!
» Unit 13.1 Organisational Structure
»Unit 13.2 Information Systems and Organisations
» Unit 13.3 Corporate Information Systems Strategy
» Unit 13.4 Information and Data
En Garde
En Garde
Penalty Shootout
Grade or No Grade
Walk the Plank
Beat 'da Bomb
Fling the Teacher
»Unit 13.5 Management of Change
» Unit 13.6 Legal Requirements
» Unit 13.7 User Support
»Unit 13.8 Project Management and Effective Teams
» Unit 13.9 Information and the Professional
Useful revision websites

FatMax - brilliant AS / AS Level site
Don't miss the marvellous FatMax website - this contains a plethora of resources and links relating to AQA AS and A2 ICT. An essential site for all students. See the specific ICT4 section.
offers a fantastic range of A2 revision notes and materials - some very in-depth sections which will be incredibly useful for you. See the specific ICT4 section.

ICT4 is about Information Systems in Organisations. See how each of these Dilbert cartoons relates to your course...

Project Management:

Dilbert - project management



Team management:


Business trips:


Do any of these links not work? Do you know of any additional links or have resources to share?
Please let know via our feedback page.
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