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The 'Advanced ICT' group at Neale-Wade provides the opportunity for students to extend their ICT knowledge and skills outside the normal curriculum.

Website design (see the Neale-Wade website, and the Contribute 3 presentation)
Introduction to Flash MX 2004
Flash games that we've created
Drag and Drop exercises
Whack-Attack games

Introduction to Fireworks MX 2004 (on my website)
Drag and Drop using Flash MX 2004

We began with a project using - students each created their own websites and were able to update them remotely. Each student has produced a guide to blogging. These will be uploaded soon providing an excellent online resource that anyone can use.

Website design
We have also been working on the new Neale-Wade website. The entire site has been designed by students, each offering their ideas and viewpoints. The site is currently being fully developed using Contribute 3, enabling both staff and students to update their own sections on the site.

We were proud to be asked to present our thoughts and ideas about Contribute 3 on the Macromedia Stand at the BETT show 2004. A summary of our presentation will also be uploaded very soon.

Macromedia Studio MX 2004
More recently students have been learning Macromedia Flash and Fireworks. Students have produced their own games using the introductory guide. Currently we have been working on drag-and-drop exercises.

This page will be developed further with news and updates about their progress.

BBC Technology News

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