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Christmas activities

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This festive section has been designed to provide lesson activities, links and ideas for ICT-based lessons in the final days of term.

This isn't just giving up and playing games though - these are designed to be fun learning activities. Well, most of them are one or the other.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Santa Shootout

Originating on my website, this game is a special version of Penalty Shootout - you have to try and see how many penalties you can score past Santa!

Can you get 100%? Bet you can't!
Santa Shootout
Animated snow in Flash
Program falling snow in Flash

Some instructions to help you program a falling snow effect using a graphic and some Actionscript. A really funky effect that can then be extended onto your own card or Christmas animation!
Create your own whackgame!

Create a Christmas version of this game - follow some carefully prepared instructions to show you how to put your own basic game together.

Customise either your own game from scratch or adapt existing code.
Whack Attack game
Christmas Wordsearch
Christmas Wordsearch challenge

See how many of the festive words you can find and - most importantly - how quickly you can. A randomly generated puzzle is created each time to make it even more challenging.
SlingShot Santa

Quite addictive when you get the hang of it - you have to 'sling' Santa as far as you can. Press you mouse to set the elves pushing, press again to set the slingshot.
SlingShot Santa
Elf Academy
Elf Academy

A great game that seems really simple to start off with, but then gets increasingly complex and addictive. A bit like a Christmas version of Simon Says.

A great game from Rooney Design.
Teach-ICT Christmas section

A dedicated section on the excellent site - try out the Christmas quizzes, web quest and various other Christmas activities.
Design your own Elf card

Great activity where you can design your own Christmas card - with you starring as an elf - and then e-mail it to your mates.

Contains commercial stuff though!

ICT gamesPlus, of course, you can play any of
the games from the games page.

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