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DiDa imageDiDA - Diploma in Digital Applications

This section of will provides interactive content to use with the EdExcel DiDA course.

Currently my students are studying D201 / D101 which is the:
AiDA - Award in Digital Applications

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Introductory powerpoint [1.73MB]

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File we used at Neale-Wade to introduce AiDA to our students - brief introduction to the concept together with information about the teaching resources. Ideal to adapt for your own use!

Advantage DiDa
Log into the Varndean e-Learning Advantage DiDA siteOpens in new window

The online section of the excellent Varndean e-Learning system - Neale-Wade students can log directly in and view their own analysis. You can only view the actual learning materials on the College intranet, but your analysis can be accessed anywhere on the internet.

DiDA Delivered - free online materials from the NWGLOpens in new window

High quality online materials - wide ranging and comprehensive. An excellent place to develop skills and understanding in relation to every key aspect of DiDA. Well worth using extensively.

First AiDA - help for the DiDA module: Using ICTOpens in new window

Splendid teacher-created online guide to the AiDA course. Includes a Summative Project Brief (SBP) together with clear and accessible guidance to help with your project work. An amazing piece of work put togeher by one individual.

Sample Summative Project BriefOpens in new window
Example Summative Project Brief based on the materials in the Heathcote AiDA book.

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Page updated Tuesday, October 31, 2006