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Unit 7.3 - Making a leaflet

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Unit 7.3 - Making a leaflet

Unit 7.3 - Fling the Teacher game by Mr Field and Mr Iqbal

Penalty Shootout game
Test your knowledge and understanding of unit 7.3 - do you know enough to Fling your Teacher away in this challenging game? With only three 'helplines' you have to get 15 questions in a row correct!

Unit 7.3 - Making a Leaflet Penalty Shootout by Mr Iqbal

Penalty Shootout game
Test your knowledge and understanding of unit 7.3 using this entertaining Penalty Shootout game. Do you know enough to score ten penalties or win a five penalty two player game?

Publisher challenge games

Revise ICT challenge
Pick a game from the extensive collection of DTP games available from the games and quizzes database. Fling the Teacher, Penalty Shootout, Walk the Plank and more!

Publisher quiz

Interactive quiz
Multiple-choice quiz designed to test your knowledge of Publisher - the task is simple - get all the questions correct!

Additional Unit 7.3 materials from

Internet link
Really useful collection of online material packed full of entertaining games, resources and lesson plans. The ideal place to find lesson and extension resources for Unit 7.3.

Unit 7.3 - Processing text and images from Slough & Eton school

Internet link
Fully resourced scheme of work for Unit 7.3 - ideal to use directly for the whole unit, or for additional tasks within existing teaching. I really like the 'project evaluation generator' end of unit task.

Neale-Wade Moodle materials

Moodle Internet link
Based on the National Strategy materials, these are the Moodle-based lessons that we at Neale-Wade use to teach Unit 7.3. These resources are still under development as reviews and updates take place.

Publisher online lesson

Internet link
The main lesson that accompanies the above Publisher quiz - work through a basic tutorial and then complete three tasks to improve your Publisher skills. Useful for background 'catch-up' of key skills.

BBC Technology News

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