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"Day Trip Database"

In this lesson you are going to design your own day trip database.  This is a database that teachers in your school or area can use to plan a fun, interesting and (most importantly to teachers) cost effective day out.


1. This task is about planning your database.  If you just leap into access and start typing your data in, the database will not be effectively designed.  Your final database needs to contain useful data for all aspects of a day out.  The planning will be hard, but the hard work will be worth it!

2. Think about the following questions - you could type your ideas in Word.

a. In your own words - what is the purpose of your database?
b. What will someone who uses the database need to be able to do?
c. What information do you think you must include about each trip?

3. You might like to discuss your answers with the rest of the class.  Try to decide what will be needed to make the database useful.  Remember, using ICT is a fantastic tool, but only worthwhile when it will help you - there is no point spending time creating a database when the information could be found quickly without it!

4. Think about how the data will be structured in Access.  Each trip will be a separate record.  For each trip there will be specific information, these will be the fields of the record.  To make our database useful, we will need to have at least 15 separate records.

5. From your discussion, you should have thought about the information you will need.  For each trip, it would be useful to know the following information:

Name of place What is it called?
Location Where is it?
Phone number Contact information
Web address For further research
Potential activities What can we do there?
Special requirements Are there extra requirements e.g. safety equipment?
Entrance cost How much does it cost to get in?
Distance How far away is it?
Travelling time How long will it take?
Travelling cost How much will it cost to get there?

Is there anything that has been missed out?

6. You final part of this task is research.  This may have been set as a homework, or your teacher may give you some information to start you off.  You need to research and find out information for 15 different places.  Think how you can find this.  Probably the best way would be to complete your research on the Internet.

All done?
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