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Close any open Excel spreadsheets.  Right click and save the file below.



1. Double click on the file you have downloaded.  A basic spreadsheet should appear on the screen. You are going to add information to this to create a "computer model".

2. Firstly, select cell B5 and type in how much you think a small bag of mints will cost.  Make this any number between 10 and 90 pence.  Repeat this until you have the imaginary cost of all four items. Be careful when entering the information - just enter the numbers.

3. In column C, type in the following numbers:

4. Using your knowledge of formulas, create a formula in column D to show the total costs for each type of sweet.  Make sure you show the answers in "currency" - you will need to right click and "format cells" to do this.

5. If you have completed this correctly, you will be able to change the numbers in columns B and C and see the results in column C.  Try this - change the price of Caramels to 1.10.

6. This is a basic "computer model" - you are using Excel to calculate or model what would happen if you bought a certain number of sweets at a certain price.  To complete this task, add a formula to cell D9 that will calculate the total cost of all the sweets.


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