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Close any open Publisher presentations.  Create a brand new blank presentation


1. On the first slide create a text box and type in your school name and address.

2. Draw another text box and type in a short summary of your school - for example "Our school has students from 11 to 18 years old and there are nearly 1000 of us in total".

3. Using WordArt, create a large title at the top that says "About my school".

4. Press the "New Slide" button.  You should get a new blank slide.  Press the "Slide Sorter" button to check that your first one is still there.  Double click on the new slide to edit it.

5. On this slide, type some information about one subject at school - try to say something positive!  Create two text boxes and a WordArt title.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to add in another subject summary.  You should end up with three different slides.

7. Click on the "Slide Sorter" button - here you can easily change the order your slides appear.  Simply drag them around.  Try to move the third slide to the beginning.  If you needed to add a new slide, you can just click the "New Slide" button as before!

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