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Close any open PowerPoint presentations.  Right click and save the file below.



1. Open the document - double click on the file you downloaded.  PowerPoint should load a file with a picture of an owl.  This task develops your animation skills.  As with WordArt, it is very important you don't go over the top with animation.  Clever and effective use will make a great presentation, but if you use too much the presentation will look amateur and disjointed.

2. The presentation has six slides.  You need to add in subtle animation, page transitions and timings.  This is easy!

3. There are a number of ways to add animation.  One easy way is to select an object (once selected an object, such as a text box or image, will have small squares or circles around its edge).  Hover over the selected object and press the right mouse button.

4. From the options that appear, select "Custom animation".

5. The "Custom Animation" options will appear.  This is a very powerful tool that most people overuse.  To animate your object select "Add effect" or select an effect from the drop down box.  There are many different options to choose from, but explore these later.  Just select one effect.

6. Work through the other five slides and animate each object.  When you have completed this, press F5 to view your slideshow.

7. You move through each slide by clicking the mouse or pressing a key.  We can do better than that.  You can add in slide transitions and tell the slideshow to automatically move on.  From the "Slide Show" option on the menu bar, select "Slide Transition".  You can now chose an effect - try "Dissolve".

8. At the moment your presentation advances with a mouse click.  Change this by unticking the mouse click option and select "Automatically" - type in the number "4" to force the presentation to wait 4 seconds before moving on.

9. View your slideshow again - this time it should move on automatically!  If it doesn't, work through the previous steps again.  Check you have selected all the options correctly.

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