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Poor Presentation

Close any open PowerPoint presentations.  Right click and save the file below.



1. Having worked through task 2, you now know how to create many different animated effects.  The person who created the above presentation thought they knew how to as well.  Open the presentation and view the slideshow.  Make a note of any problems you can spot.

2. Using your previous skills you need to sort out this presentation - this isn't going to be easy!  Firstly, change the backgrounds that have been used - simply right click on the page and select "Background".

3. Look through the text that has been used - fix the spelling and presentation errors.

4. Remove images that are not needed - replace them with something more appropriate.  Don't over use animation!

5. Actually edit and improve the information that has been written.  What are your "tips for a good presentation"?  Comment on colours, animation, images and presentation.

6. Look through the presentation and add in any additional information you can.  The original poor presentation showed some pictures on top of text.  You can edit this by selecting an object, right clicking and selecting "Order".

7. Use the "Slide Transition" options to make the presentation move on automatically.  Explore the options under "Slide Show", "Set up Show".  See if you can create an automatically repeating slideshow to display your PowerPoint tips.

8. Consider the changes you made.  How have you improved the presentation?  What change has made the greatest impact?  What constructive advice could you give to the author of the original poor presentation?

All done?
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