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Poor Presentation

Close any open Word documents.  Right click and save the file below.



1. Open the document.  You should see a terrible piece of presentation.

2. Look through the document - what aspects do you need to improve?

3. Try to improve the presentation by removing unnecessary WordArt and using sensible colours and fonts.

4. You will need to correct character spacing - use the 'Format', 'Font' menu.

5. The line spacing needs to be improved - use the 'Format', 'Paragraph' menu.

6. Add in a header to the document - click 'View' and 'Header and Footer'

7. Put a clear title in the header.  Add your name and page numbers to the footer.

8. Look over the entire document - what still needs to be fixed?

9. Delete the strange circle and add in a Clip Art image.

10. Create a bulleted list - click on the 'bullets' button to start it.

11. Add in the following points to your list:

  Make sure your presentation is clear and tidy
  Don't use too much WordArt
  Use sensible fonts with appropriate colours

12. Finally, insert today's date using a command from the 'Insert' menu.


All done?
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