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This page provides links to some of the best ICT websites I have come across. Please do suggest alternative and additional websites via the feedback page. I've had to remove a couple of links from this page - simpy because the sites have either gone password protected or they have disappeared from the internet.

The best site for ICT teachers and students. Frequently updates provide a rich resource full of excellent ideas.

Includes links, resources and ICT theory information together with interactive quizzes and games. You can now even make your own! [As of course you can with my software too at]

An excellent and packed site for ICT GCSE students. Includes a growing number of guides, tutorials, podcasts and interactive quizzes and games.

Don't miss the interactive quiz that allows you to see how your ICT skills match up to others on the internet. Similarly, visit the games section some games that might look familiar! All great stuff.
The dependable quality on the BBC Bitesize ICT site is ideal for all revision. Covering a range of key ICT topics you are given a summary followed by an interactive test.

Not always the most interactive or exciting of sites, the BBC Bitesize site is still an essential site for all students and teachers to make use of.
'Education Bradford ePortal for ICT" - despite quite a long and tricky title, this site offers a really useful collection of materials and resources linked to the ICT curriculum.

Includes many of their own materials with some excellent Flash-based quizzes and interactive materials that are ideal for indivdual or whole class use via a projector or whiteboard. Well worth exploring.
This site offers some extensive guidance and support to those taking GCSE ICT, Applied ICT and DiDA.

The site contains quite a few ads and is rather text heavy - but the information available is very useful.

BBC Technology News

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Do any of these links not work? Do you know of any additional links or have resources to share?
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Page updated Monday, April 23, 2007